Session Information

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For a more detailed description of the IAPCO 2016 programme, take a look at the below table for information on each session.

Each session in detail

Quality Seminar – Scaling up your Business
Based on bestselling book ‘Scaling Up’ by Verne Harnish, and dealt with over two sessions, the quality seminars will explore how to improve your business for growth and better results.

Each participant will get access to online forms and the seminars will provide initial coaching on some of the most crucial tools. Limited copies of the book will be available.

Scaling up your Business, Part 1 Introduction to the 4 decisions model – People, Strategy, Execution and Cash
Success Check list to see how your business currently rates
Practical tools and approaches:

  • People – get this right and you get happiness. Using the FACe (Functional Accountability Chart) tool, participants will complete their current business structure, roles and responsibilities and how you measure successful results. Use this to plan a talent review and how to reduce your own ‘to do’ list.
  • Cash – increase your cash conversion cycle, share best practices and ideas in a table discussion and plan implementation in your business.


  • Learn about success criteria and habits from rapidly growing companies
  • Understand who you would enthusiastically re-hire in your team and what needs to happen to drive accountability and increased performance
  • Get to grips with how you can improve your cash flow, the oxygen for business growth
Scaling up your Business, Part 2 Building on the previous session, linking back to the 4 decisions model:

  • Practical tools and approaches:
    Strategy – 7 strategic questions that help you shape the growth of your revenue.  Working through the 7 Strata tool, group coaching and table discussions.  Questions that all sizes of business need clarity on.
  • Execution – great strategy alone is not enough, execution improves profit and time. Meeting rhythms, Metrics and Priorities are all explored with proven tools to help you drive best, faster or cheaper execution.


  • Explore 7 key strategic questions, seeking clarity and differentiation for your business
  • Learn approaches to improving meeting rhythms, what you measure and where you focus your time and resources
  • Establish your top 5 actions to support the scaling up of your business
African Inspiration – The Power of the Pride
How lessons from lions can teach you to create successful business teams

The pride structure developed on the great grassy savannahs of Africa, a veld rumbling with wild animals, where even today roam vast herds of antelope and zebra. Lions evolved alongside the herds and the interaction between hunter, hunted, and competitor forged them into teams of superbly effective hunters and fighters. These teams, collectively known as prides, flourished and they are emerged as a potent example of teamwork for maximum effect.

Manage change and be more resilient

Helen Nicholson will talk about the Neuro-science behind mindfulness. Mindful Leadership Training was introduced for the first time at Davos in 2013. World leaders and some of the world’s best minds have realised that becoming more mindful gets results – better decision making, clarity, strategic thinking, creativity and innovation.

An African Tale
The Waterless Bath

Ludwick Marishane’s tale of the ‘Waterless Bath’ is an inspiration. The tale shows us that the curiosity of a young individual followed by research and hard work led to the development of a sustainable product which two of the results are positive socioeconomic and environmental effects on South Africa – a country where water shortages are a reality and where some areas have little or no access to clean running water. Hear his story about how ingenuity and persistence can help the 2.5 billion people worldwide who lack proper access to water and sanitation.

Doing it Differently

“We take risks, so you don’t have to” is the mentality for PCMA’s annual meeting, Convening Leaders. It is one thing to state this, but entirely different and more difficult to live this. The organization has worked to create a culture of risk and spent significant time and effort to ensure its members and customers understand the value of this to their professional development. Hear from PCMA’s President & CEO on the organization’s risk strategy and examples of big successes and major failures.

After this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify communication strategies for stakeholders to understand and support risk
  • Explore innovative meeting design strategies and learning formats
  • Develop key steps for working with partners and staff to create a more risk-taking culture
The Meeting industry in Africa

According to ICCA statistics, Africa attracts not much more than 400 international conferences every year. The number has been stable for the last couple of years, but there are several reasons to believe that this situation could very well change in the years to come. Dirk Elzinga will talk about why International organisations are more focused on increasing their African membership and how the rapid change of the supply aspect is affecting the development of the meeting industry.